Lawbot and the Case of the Missing Copyright Infringers

>We're glad you feel that way, Lawbot. Here's the story. Copycat was kidnapped by a group known as The Cabal. They represent a mysterious group of lobbyists from various sectors of the entertainment industry. Speculations are running rampant. Word has it that the Cabal may include organizations like the Player Piano Entertainment Roll Publishers, the Holovid Industry Taskforce and the Group for the Advancement of the Manufacture of Entertainment Cubes. Copycat was kidnapped because he infringed copyright. He media shifted, by saving some of his holovid discs to the hard drive of his wrist-puter. And Copycat isn't the only one to disappear.

You have two options, Lawbot.

Stay in the office and research The Cabal
or hit the street and look for clues.