Pantone Laundry List

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Below is a brief list of products sold by Pantone and what they do.

  • display calibration software/devices (colorimeters) for getting accurate on-screen colour
  • spectrophotometers for measuring the wavelengths of light
  • palette management software for selecting Pantone colours from images, building co-ordinated palettes and managing those palettes
  • colour chip books for selecting and matching Pantone colours and getting mixing instructions
  • colour matching electronic thingies for pointing at colour, whereupon the thingie tells you what the nearest pantone equivalent is
  • digital colour chips same as the colour chip books, except digital
  • colour chip books for process colour same as standard colour chip books, but for CMYK colours instead of Pantone
  • colour selector systems for opaque and transparent plastics with cross references to pantone textile and print systems for selecting plastic colours
  • cotton colour swatch sets for selecting fabric colours
  • colour forecasts for up to a year in the future, detailing what colour trends will be in upcoming fashion/houseware seasons

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